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Our company has stood out over the years through the realization of small, medium and large projects. The company has acquired a variety of skills, including turnkey project delivery and general contractor service.

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Medical gases


water meters

The water meter must be installed immediately after the shut-off valve inside the drinking water system. We make the necessary connections to its installation.

Project evaluation


Air Conditioning & Heating



Pressure pipe washing

Pressure pipe washing is well known among contractors, less at home.However, there is incredible use of this technology. It can be used to uproot major sewer pipes. It can be used to clean a pipe clogged with grease. It can also be used to open indoor sanitary drainage races. Not only is...... read more

Popular types of backflow valves

The term is known, the use is obvious, but there are several kinds of backflow valves; which one is best for your situation?The type of normally closed flap is probably the best known. This is the famous black plastic valve that you see in the hardware store. The object makes sense ... it's a...... read more

What are the benefits of thermal imaging in the building?

Simple and effective quality control ...Thermal imaging provides accurate thermal mapping with excellent resolution in real time. It allows to detail the smallest components and to note the most subtle temperature changes: sludging floor heating pipes, bad electrical connection in an electrical...... read more


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